Chicken Fingers and Fries


Photo by Sarah

Jonathan Smith, JRB Youth

Hi, Dad, it’s me, Jonathan,

Remember when you were working at your desk on the computer and I walked up and asked you if I could play sports? You stopped typing, put your arm around me, smiled and asked, “What sport?” And I said, “Soccer.” Then you got me on the Sharks, the team every team was scared to play. And we won every game for two years.

Remember that time I left my lunch at home? I was so scared because the school’s lunches taste so bad and I was scared to call you but I did and you brought me chicken fingers and fries from Sonic.

Remember when I told you my favorite band — I forgot who it was. It was a long time ago — and you got me tickets for their concert.  It might have been the Jonas brothers. When they played a favorite song, you and I would fist bump.

Remember when we watched “Rundown” together, and our favorite part came on when The Rock picked up the two guns and, without looking, nails the Russian bad guys in the head?

Remember when you brought me to Hurricane Harbor? We rode almost every water slide in the park. We were in the wave pool all day.

Remember when you brought me and the girls to Colorado? It was so much fun skiing and sledding. I remember going straight down and not seeing the huge pile of snow, getting five feet of air and crash landing.

Remember Christmas when you gave me the skateboard and ramps. They are so much fun to ride my bike and skate board on it.

I love you and want to thank you for all you’ve done. Let’s go get chicken fingers and fries from Sonic soon.

Thanks, Dad