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2019 Camps: Spring Break and Summer

Spring Break Camp: March 25-29, 2019   – preparing for the summer! Join us and choose to participate in any of the three listed for Spring Break! 

(1)  How to build a MOVIE!  That’s right – from the concept (all about being creative) to writing the Script, the Storyboarding, the casting of the actors and crew and yes – the final filming to making the movie!

Each participant will work in a team wtih an expected outcome – A Movie by Day 5!

(2) We explore of our Historic City, Charleston, SC.  Day ONE – we lay out each day, where we visit, how to research and write and film and make the final movie.

(3) Preparing for the History of Baseball – to include the history behind the development of the game (believe it or not but right here at Ft.Sumter), the days following to include the traveling ball clubs and the radio the role it played (today from that came HOT STOVE Fundraisers), the music that when we hear, we think BASEBALL, and finally from 1947 forward as Robinson and Doby,  broke the color line!

This week, we have a special training with Gracie and Lacy – as they share with our “backpackers” the iconic music that sings “BASEBALL” and then, we learn the dance and create a short theatrical performace – “let’s play ball!”

A Trip to Camden, SC is planned to view the Doby artifacts at the Camden History Museum, and back to Charleston and to the RiverDogs Stadium!

Remember opening night for the Kids at the RiverDogs is Sunday, April 21st!  Our goal is to work the game, and also to announce the Summer Programming that includes The History of Baseball and “perform” our new song and “Let’s Play Ball!”

Costs:  Our Spring Break Camp is $60 per day, or $250 for the entire week – 9 to 4 daily.  Minimum class size is 10, with a maximum of 16.


June 10, 2019

The Charleston Harbor & Maritime Industry

Kids Guide to Charleston

Gathering a story, from idea to print and video

Grand Finale: our short films and stories

Costs:  Our Camps are $60 per day, or $250 for the entire week – 9 to 4 daily.  Minium class size is 10, with a maximum of 16.  Bag lunch required.  9 to 4, with early drop off and pick up available.

We take off the weeks of July 1 – 12 only

Back to school – is July 29-August 9, 2019

Burke High School filmmaking camp

For more information and registration information:

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2019 Camps: Spring Break and Summer