Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, Georgia: Summerfest! Come join our Backpackers at the KIDSFEST Area!

Atlanta, Georgia

JUNE 1 to JUNE 2, 2013: – come join our team of “Backpackers” in the KIDSFEST – DOWN ON THE FARM area, located at the streets:  Arcadia and Virginia Ave.  We will be bringing in our “hats” and offering free postcard photos of the kids, plus putting a digital camera into the hands of these “kids” and sharing a short lesson (or two).

Each “kid” will choose their own hat to wear, and at the same time, take a few photos of another!  It’s all about sharing “Backpacks” quick tips for great photography and our love of capturing moments to remember!   The Showcase School of Photography is helping bring this together for the “backpackers”, and providing lots of neat background equipment.

Other activities for kids include:  Puppetry, Face Painting, Sand Art and Wood Working projects by Home Depot.  There is a stage with ongoing entertainment from 10 am to 3:30!

Summerfest includes an artist’s market, lots of food vendors and music and other events!

For more information, please visit the Virginia Highlands Civic Association Website: