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Life of Johns Island, 1959, during the Civil Rights Era.


Life on Johns Island during the Civil Rights era, 239 black and white photographs, by celebrity photography, Ida Berman.  On display during the month of January at the Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street.

We discovered these photos while researching Johns Island, the life of Esau and Janie Jenkins, and found them through the Wisconsin Historical Society.

All of  this collection provide a visual story of the beginning of the Citizenship Schools on the Sea Islands of SC and the ownership by Septima Clark, Esau Jenkins and Myles Horton in 1959.  It was in 1962 that Martin Luther King, through the Southern Christian Leadership Conference took over the Citizenship School for their education program.

Be sure and read the article by Adam Parker in the Post and Courier!


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Life of Johns Island, 1959, during the Civil Rights Era.