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inspire-kidsWe became a “team” following the observation by one of our younger elementary school age students.

He commented that well, we are a “team aren’t we?”

Team Backpack Journalists’ services provide writing, storytelling, film making and “real world journalism” experiences for 4th grade to 12th grade, at-risk and military youth.  The team’s mission for youth participants is to “build resilience through creative expression”. Each youth learn first-hand by increased observation and listening skills, and then create stories from their experiences in print, video and using social media as a tool.

With our Scholastic Journalism Curriculum developed by A Backpack Journalist, we are considered a pre-cursor to high school or college coursework focused on Mass Communication, Broadcast and Journalism. A notable fact, all careers require writing and good observation skills to succeed.

Team Backpack Journalists, since 2009 and serving 1600 youth, support workshops, symposiums, after school program venues and “Cover the Assignment”– real world reporting and experiences to include one on one, with individuals such as Pharrell Williams, Pauletta Washington, Ken Burns and Skip Gates, Rick Hendrick, Secretary Hillary Clinton and a host of governmental officials, political candidates and events.   During an assignment, the team participant’s work from a backpack to write and report, broadcast, film and or publish via social media.

Our team as of this date has also published three books: Nature Storytelling (military youth, Colorado Springs, Florissant Monument), Baseball, the RiverDogs and the Life of Larry Doby (at-risk youth, Charleston, SC) and Cars & Parts, (at risk youth, Hendrick Automotive Group).  Symposium books have been created for Oregon National Guard, the Florida National Guard and Colorado Yellow Ribbon Program.



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