A Backpack Journalist

Afterschool Programming 2018- 2019

Burke High School filmmaking camp, planning session. Information – Team Backpack Journalist Programming

The “backpack journalist” experience includes learning the basics of writing, research, interviewing, and then writing essays or news articles, and receiving a media badge as a “backpacker reporter”.   Often called:  “backpackers”.  We also now have added in filmmaking, and created a program:  Inspire at the Lowcountry. 

 Photography is a key component, as the program incorporates the use of digital and video cameras, with all the latest, great technology tools that would fit in your backpack!  Our plans include making short videos and short documentaries.

 “Backpack Journalists” also participate in “Cover the Assignment” activities which are field trips to a location, interviews with career or government officials or to participate in a news conference.      

 Want to take a quick look at a group of Backpack Journalists students from Sanders Clyde, as they were featured on Channel 5- CBS – Raphael James


Afterschool Programming:  2018-201

East Cooper Montessori Charter School – weekly

Allegro Charter Music School – weekly

Orange Grove Elementary Charter School – weekly

More locations being added by August 15, 2018

Photography and Filmmaking Program

Combines taking pictures/making short films, of the people and places in the  lowcountry as well as the “fun things for kids to do”.

Each student becomes a “reporter” to “Cover the Assignment”.

CANON DSLR cameras provided, along with instruction on how to use the SMARTPHONE as a film camera.  Iographers convert an iPAD into a film camera.  (T5i, T6, C70 – CANON)

Fieldtrips are also a part of this Afterschool and Saturday program, thus bringing in “real world experiences” to all of  the students.

Students trained as reporters and observers, meet with representatives from each locale.

Steps:1. A rep (or individual)  from the venue attends our class,2. We research and prepare an article outline and shot list.3. We attend, photography and interview.  4. We publish via a short film or print piece.

This coming school year we study documentary photography!  We visit the College of Charleston – Addlestone Library, Collections, The City Gallery and the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.

October 6 – we are holding a FILM FEST!  Charleston County Public Library!

Cars & Parts:  “the car is a moving science project”.  

 Weekly, we study different elements of the automobile.  From the tire to the pistons and how the engine works.  We learn about the assembly line and what it takes to create thousands of cars in one month, right here in South Carolina.Several field trips include visiting the retail showroom and automotive repair area of Hendrick Automotive. We also attend the Lowcountry Stem Festival which is held annually in February.

We also visit the SC Ports Authority the two terminals, Columbus and Wando.  One is where the containers are unloaded from the big ships and the other trains arrive with thousands of BMW carsmanufactured for export.

Throughout this program, students take photos, interviews and scripts written.   We close out our semester with a color book and also “E” book.

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!
Afterschool Programming 2018- 2019