It’s back cover jacket says that this book is “first of its kind celebration of military life, chronicles the many traditions, advantages, and experiences that military members and their families love and share. Written for veterans, active military personnel and military family and friends…”

This book is for all Americans!  With less than 10% of our population either serving in the military or having a relative involved, this book is a must read and guaranteed to clear up any notion – that all the military does is go to war!   We have heard this and seen it often.  This has troubled our backpack reporters.  We have seen first hand, the service that the United States Military provides us as a nation.  It’s as simple as keeping us safe to then helping our communities when a bad storm hits.  The military family and especially their youth serve too, and we see that FIRST HAND!.

Thanks to Tara, Star, Kathie, and Holly for putting their talents to pen and paper!  They are often heard on Army Wife Network!  We thank them also for including Backpack Journalist – #588!

Check out this book on www.centerstreet.com !  It makes a perfect Christmas Gift!  Again, a must have for all Americans!

Reported by A Backpack Journalist