Adoring crowds greeted Charlie Chaplin in 1921 following Armistice Day!

One of our “Backpackers” to graduate in 2022, sent me an email – describing her experiences in our summer camps: “The secret of Backpack was that we were always engaged, and having fun communicating in various ways!  Now learning Pantomime is a new form of communication, plus we can now find inspiration from Charlie Chaplin’s comedies and his movements and expressions”.    VIsual Communications for all to enjoy and have fun and learn from. 
Imagine it is 1921, following the close of World War I,  Charlie Chaplin’s Silent Films have gone worldwide, and his comic genius, THE TRAMP,  has begun to make all people laugh, and only for a .05 to view the film in the theatres! 
He travels to London for the premiere showing of THE KID, following Armistice Day and is greeted by thousands of British citizens – thanking him for helping them SMILE again!  Actually he was mobbed by thousands!  Check it out here!
Note:  THE KID took over a year to create and produce by Chaplin, and launched the career of Jackie Coogan. Feb 6, 1921! We hope to screen THE KID shortly. 

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