A Backpack Journalist’ Mission Statement

Students travel throughout downtown Charleston, SC gathering stories!

Empowering youth to uncover and gather and publish the stories from our communities, present day and past,  provides multiple benefits.  Researching the people and places and events allows the young person to become intimately aware of the personal courage, sacrifices and successes during one of the most important times in our history as a nation and region. This awareness is further evidenced by the youth showcasing their research and work in a written article, or short video or dramatic reading.   These experiences help a student find their “Voice” and confidence, while showcasing outcomes and sharing with their peers across all demographics.

And secondly, the youth’s active engagement with the stories, and the delivery of their finished work in our community,  shares with all present, evidence of a young person finding their creative voice therefore supporting their personal growth for a resilient aduthood and guided pathway to a successful life.

Students on assignment, gathering stories in downtown Charleston!

Build resilience through creative expression is therefore the mission we wish to accomplish while gathering and sharing the stories of our communities, past and present!