Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

A Book has been commissioned!

Draft for all to review in May, 2024.

For immediate release:  The A Backpack Journalist program for afterschool and summer camps is closing at the end of June.   A book has been commissioned that covers the years of service for military families and their children, and then also the local outreach that began with the City of Charleston and moved to other schools as an afterschool program.

 In Spring of 2023, a group of African American youth graduated from high school that were in the first A Backpack Journalist class at Sanders Clyde,  A celebration was held.

 Today there is a large group of young adults that attended the A Backpack Journalist Military Youth Symposiums that are in professional writing careers that include the Washington Post, writers for professional musicians, as missionaries on the border and in Australia and serving in Germany for Military Familly.org and Young Life and Club Beyond.

 Within the pages of this book the stories are about the students or “Backpack Journalists” and there is also a center section with photographs and links to the video stories. 

There is a section on the Military Youth Symposiums beginning with the Texas National Guard. Then Youth Challenge for the National Guard, followed by Club Beyond or Young Life. For the Coming Home to Charleston, the A Backpack Journalist program was modified to include local partnerships that supported students that were considered in the at risk populations.  Included also are lesson plans, and resources for establishing A Backpack Journalist program.

 The official sendoff of this publication is in mid-May at a late afternoon celebration. At this event we will have the final draft of this book for all to see and review. Dinner will be included, along with a few special guests.  All complementary invitations are being posted on our Facebook page, Eventbrite and sent out via email.

The SEO is being established via Amazon Central. (Texas Based).  Book printed on demand and also in warehouse quantities.

The encouragement to provide this came from several parents, Friends of A Backpack Journalist which include the Texas National Guard Family Foundation who incubated the program, and the demand now to read great stories about young people who are doing great things for America!

From God Bless America to Blessings from afar.

Linda Dennis

February 25, 2024

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