A Key element found at the POINTS OF LIGHT – Service Unites Conference! Let’s give this a Shout-out!

Washington, DC – reported by Daniel, US Army Reserve Youth & A Backpack Journalist Intern

June 20, 2013

At the Points of Light National Conference of Volunteering and Service there was constant evidence of the grateful and willing hearts that these attendees and  speakers portrayed.

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Many people were thanked. Many were recognized and many were awarded.

As this conference nears a close there is one key element that has contributed significantly to this conference that hasn’t been recognized, Social Media.

I understand that it is difficult to stand up and present an award to Twitter or  Facebook and Instagram, and it’s nearly impossible to reward every cell phone journalist for their constant and free advertisement. That’s why its unnecessary, we don’t request pay for “selfies” , witty tweets and excessive hashtags because those are things that we enjoy.

I’ve heard countless times that sharing is caring so when we share our experiences  with the world wide web we show how much we care about the event we are attending and the people were with.

So with no further ado Ladies and Gentleman I give you social media!

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