A step back in time!

January 29, 2021

Charleston, South Carolina is indeed a most historic city, and a wonderful classroom to explore!  We began at the Dock Street Theatre – established in 1736!

Coming soon – we spend weeks working with students and researching and then with each assembling a portfolio of their work.

From the Literature of the day, to the arts and photography, the music and jazz – connections are found all over Charleston, SC!

Was Charlie Chaplin here? We found his at hat and cane of THE TRAMP! Coming soon the 100th anniversary of THE KID.

Joined today by Lacy Miller from the Gracie and Lacy Show – dressed in the Great Gatsby Look!  Plus along the way we found Charlie’s hat and cane!

Linda Dennis, wearing a 1920’s hat, with Lacy Miller of the Gracie and Lacy Show, often performing music and dressed from the Great Gatsby Era.
The Dock Street Theatre – Church Street, Charleston, SC
MS.D with an assortment of books -literature written during the Harlem Renaissance – the 1920’s
Lacy Miller, with the Gracie and Lacy Show, with Ms. D – at the Dock Street Theatre – upstairs in the parlor – which sits next to the TAP ROOM
This home is where Dubose and Dorothy Heyward wrote PORGY! Can you imagine where Catfish Row was?