A visit to the USS Yorktown – read all about it here!

Mt. Pleasant, SC – June 9, 2020

A perfect “Staycation” for an adventure!  The USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point.

Today, we ventured out to the USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point, and found about 70% of the exhibits open, large fans everywhere making sure we had lots of “warm” breeze.  They had also added ultraviolet UV light in the air purifiers in all the places where it was air conditioned.  This type of light is known to deactivate airborne or surface contaminants like mold, bacteria and viruses.  We saw at least a dozen or more hand sanitizing stations!

We have to come clean!  For the past six years, we have been members of the Admirals’ Club Family. We have visited often, and gotten to know the Patriot’s Point Staff.  Hank, one the boys shown here with the Bandanna wrapped around his head, was close to 2 years at his first visit, and now soon to be 8.  And, during sheltering, I discovered that my Great-Uncle had served on the first USS Yorktown, was wounded and ended up in the VA Hospital.  According Benny, Hank’s friend shown in the photo – ‘Ms. D. the first USS Yorktown sunk and it was the 005.”  Photo of the boys appear in our twitter feed.

While we were all at home, sheltering, and the USS Yorktown was closed.  We quickly discovered today that the staff had really given “Her” a great do-over!  From the painting of the walls, to the overall cleaning of the decks, and the exhibitions, we walked through the tours, some rearranged and following new signs, and directional signals.  It was like a “new experience”  (overheard said by the boys)

The bridge walk over, Benny said to Hank.  “You know, one day we will buy the USS Laffey and live on it.  What do you think?.”  Hank’s response, along with a big grin:  “Yep probably cost us a million dollars”.  Each boy had made a picture folder and book of some of their visits, and today asked me for more photos.

Special thanks to the Patriot’s Point Staff – “She” really looked great today.

To all those seeking a great experience: Enjoy the air – even through it is guaranteed to be hot, right!  Carry a mask for close quarters, and stay hydrated.  “She” is certainly worth it.  USS Yorktown CV/CVA/CVS/-10)