An evening well spent – with beautiful voices!

The Circular Church in downtown Charleston is where the preacher man sat hundreds of years ago and wrote Amazing Grace, the hymn.  It’s where visitors to our city come to hear about the Sound of Charleston.  Tonight it was filled with gospel music, all the way up to the circular rafters.

Sunday night, Jazz Vespers, found the Citadel Gospel Choir on hand.  It was Music to bring us Together.  It did.

From “Jesus promised”, to “God is”, and “My Mind is Made up” and then, “You Deserve it” and “Total Praise” – each gospel sang by this youthful choir of Citadel cadets.

While it lasted for about one hour, we were able to assemble a short video containing some of the sounds!

Wishing this group of young people and their music and voices – a safe journey forward! The Citadel Gospel Choir – not to be missed.