Atlanta “Backpackers” spend the week learning and experiencing the life of a digital journalist!


June 14, 2013

A Backpack Journalist’ Photojournalism Camp at The Showcase School of Photography kicked off with PIE – Photography Icebreaking Experience!  What’s a photography icebreaker?  It’s when teens interview each other, then draft a few paragraphs about the person that they have just met and interviewed!  Next, public speaking exercises, and each youth is introduced to the group!  Hats?  Where do they fit into this?  It’s all about choosing a hat that best describes the new friend and then the digital cameras are handed out!


Check out our flickr account for a quick look at the wide assortment of great photographs that each backpacker took of each other!

So that’s how the camp began, and the week continued with Photography Assignments that included a simple walk through the parking lot, with cameras in hand, and then shooting all types of plants, bugs found on plants and even signage and trucks passing by.  One of our backpackers even convinced a local barber shop to let our backpackers in!

Each day following we went on a short field trip.  First to Lumiere Gallery, one of the finest collections of photography in the United States. Some refer to a visit to Lumiere as a “Classical experience” and a place where the Gallery Director is always willing to share with the visitor details on the photograph, the artist and in general the “life surrounding the making of the photographic art!”.  This visit was a true education for all of us!  More on our visit to Lumiere in a separate article with photos. Lots of note taking, and a special intervieCBS Morning Show - Atlantaw with Tony.  Ms. D even managed to capture in via our recorder so Daniel can add it to our radio show.

Back to the classroom and to learn more about the Camera and all the key components of a “Great Photograph!”

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens followed next, and in spite of the summer heat, we covered the gardens and the mosiac sculptures!  By then, our media cards were filled with upwards to several thousand photos, including Rabbits, dragons and lots of photos of the smallest of all – ladybugs!  More also on our visit to the Botanical Gardens!

And – just in time, we spent time at CBS Atlanta, and then had lunch at THE VARSITY!  Each of these places along the way, provided our team of backpackers with a new experience and furthered their education on Journalism and the opportunity out there for us as we grow through high school and prepare for colelge. (as Backpackers).

We are working now to complete our Portfolio books,and to write each day up in detail!  More to come!