Back to School Refreshers!


Ms. D – visits with DOG MAN!

Our Back to School -Refreshers!
Redux Contemporary Art – BIG BERTHA located at 1650 King Street has a classroom, and another open area for larger groups, plus a great area for photography.  MASKS required.  
Our offerings in this location begin with a back to school theme!   3 days only – from 10 am to 4 PM (Tues, Wed-Thur) –  Bag lunch. We are limiting our classes to 8.  Deposit of $50 required to reserve.  See details below. 
We begin to assemble – The History of Baseball – documentary! Plus your student does not have to “play ball” – but have an interest in collecting history, going back to the British Isles in the late 1800’s.  We began this last year, and now we return to it.
Six Word Story – write a draft and produce a short film. (writing and technology combined.  Topics chosen by each student following a brainstorming session sharing previous stories from Hemingway and many others. From serious to great fun topics, permission to become the actor/s!.
Storytelling with the IPad and Iographer!
A Poem in My Pocket – Archibald Rutledge was known for original poems that he would write on small cards, and hand out as he walked through downtown Charleston.  This fun writing activity encourages students who say “I can’t write” – to have fun with words on small index cards.  Topics vary, following shared sessions.  Funnies allowed.
Norman Rockwell was one of America’s finest artists, with each of his works telling a story.  A fascinating fact is that Rockwell would build a set and then photograph it.  From the photograph, he would illustrate or paint.   We have the Smithsonian Film about his life, and encourage all students to be creative and design a poster or illustration that tells a story!
Photography is ongoing with the above!.  Building a set for the Six Word Story to illustrate the topic and then photograph it!  Edit together for the short film.
Plus the Poem in My Pocket allows a picture to also be included.
$200 – all supplies included –  please call for a quote if you have been in a Backpack Journalist session previously!
Thank you – Linda Dennis
Twitter:  @backpackjrnlist