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Backpack Journalist afterschool – 2018!

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Backpack Journalist afterschool – 2018!

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Student Backpack Journalists meet afterschool and also attend events, places, and interview in the classroom as well as on site, and write a report, or film a short video clip.

For 2018:  Orange Grove Charter School, East Cooper Montessori Charter School, Allegro Charter Music School.

Cars & Parts & Ports:  Buist Academy & Orange Grove Middle School

for info:  843 284 8026

 Photography and Filmmaking and Storytelling and Cowboy Poetry!

Combines taking pictures/making short films, of the people and places in the lowcountry as well as the “fun things for kids to do”.

Each student becomes a “reporter” to “Cover the Assignment”.  A detailed list and possible assignments included here.

CANON DSLR cameras provided, along with instruction on how to use the Iographers converted from an iPAD into a film camera.  (T5i, T6, C70 – CANON) .

Fieldtrips are also a part of this Afterschool and Saturday program, thus bringing in “real world experiences” to all of the students.

We add in this semester our own COWBOY Poetry! Students learn all about the Cowboy, and write fun poetry!


We begin with a lesson in interviewing! Following, we then we work on Portrait Photography, and each student will learn the basics of the rule of thirds, filling the frame and taking photos of the moment!

Following, we spend time on the WHO – WHAT –  WHEN WHERE AND WHY – and the How!

Ipad – Iographer comes fully loaded with a camera for video, and also editing software with IMOVIE. Each student will use one on the classroom, and on assignment.

All students – “backpackers” will have the option to choose their own topics for their own short movies on topics such as their favorite activities, places that they have been and then wish to travel to! (Note this past summer, backpackers to have fun, did several movies on the “fidget spinner”.)

For Cover the Assignment (it is a field trip, but we report/take photos and collect stories!)

For 2018 – January to end of second semester. The below are possible options:

 SC Port Authority, Charleston, SC

Hendricks Automotive

Charleston and N. Charleston

Charleston County Parks & Recreation,

City of Charleston & Parks & Recreation

The Farmers Market – W. Ashley or Mt. Pleasant depending on location

News Media/NBC/CBS/ABC

Kelly Golden

WSC.94.3 – Radio, Mt. Pleasant, SC

The Preservation Society, Charleston, SC

The Charleston Museum. Charleston, SC

Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

Historic Charleston Foundation, Charleston, SC

Charlestown Landing, SC Parks, Charleston, SC

Charleston Joint Base (for the Air Show/USAF Thunderbirds)

SC Military Museum,

50th Commemoration of the Vietnam WAR – DoD – veteran interviews

Charleston delegation members


ALL listed are possibilities as the semester moves forward. All students must have parental permission to attend each approved assignment.


All possible locations/interviewees listed here will be visiting our class, and presenting their venue/event. The “Backpackers” then draft their visit outline and questions. We interview, photograph and film. We edit in IMOVIE and present on Social Media or YOUTUBE.

Each youth will have a ID badge also. They must wear it at all times when on an assignment and the tshirt. We have “Backpack Journalist” tshirts also.

 For examples of our previous adventures please visit our website: www.abackpackjournalist.com – click on the YOUTUBE icon or follow links here

 SC Port Authority


 Kids Guide to Charleston 







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Backpack Journalist afterschool – 2018!