Backpack’s New Pearls – found at the Points of Light – Service Unites Conference



Goose bumps. That’s the reaction the body uses to express several different emotions. The emotion that I am referring to happens to be amazement. Amazement to the point that mouths fall open.  While listening to the emotional story coming from Wendy Bird, the founder of the company, goose bumps erupted all over my body.

 Honestly, when I approached the booth for what seemed like our hundredth interview that day I wasn’t sure what to expect. I saw the gorgeous jewelry and a sign covered in my favorite color, turquoise, but when Wendy came to talk to us her story proved to be more than inspiring.

Wendy started by telling Daniel, Hannah, Sandy, Linda and I that her experience started in the Philippines, it was there she saw the need to give underprivileged women a chance to make money for not only them but their families as well.

Wendy began traveling to underdeveloped countries to help women earn a living. She used jewelry as her method of attack. The jewelry is made by the women and part of the money raised is given back to the women.

After talking with Wendy we learned about her pledge program. The program is a way to allow ordinary people, who don’t have time to go to these countries to physically work with the women to pledge to help out in their own communities. By pledging you purchase a necklace with a fish charm, and a single pearl. You can later purchase charms based on the activities or volunteering you do in your own communities.

When we heard this, we decided to join in and create our own charm. I immediately saw a backpack, and thought, THAT’S IT!

Linda Dennis with Pearl and Backpack charm!
Linda Dennis with Pearl and Backpack charm!

Linda also received an adorable sample.

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