Barracks to Broadway at The Citadel!

Song, dance and high energy!

A beautiful evening – filled with song, dance and high energy on stage at the Mark Clark Center, The Citadel Campus.  This was the third year, and it excelled on and off the stage, with the performers often coming into the audience to engage, with the sing and dance.  Thanks to all who performed, and worked to make this evening a success and so enjoyable – Broadway did come to Charleston!  We were there, and following the closing, it was still daylight outside, so off we went to add a tour of the tank, airplane and rocket!  What’s a performance in song and dance without a tour of a TANK – used in World War II?


Gen. Walters, President of The Citadel, with Hank and Benny – both young men were mesmerized when he took off his jacket, and revealed his decorations!
the closing – missing from the photo is the red flag that was carried around the room!