Cars & Ports – project beginning on Nov 16!

More about CARS & Parts!


Cars & Ports! – coming our way!

Our next local experience focuses on CARS and PORTS.  We will be gathering at St. Julian Devine for two sessions, and then we will touring the Mercedes dealership and also the Sprinter assembly plants in Ladson later in December and early January.  We continue also with the support of Hendrick Automotive and their team members.
Wednesday  November 16  St Julian Devine – on E Bay – from 3 pm to 5 PM.  Realizing that all school get out at different times, we will be starting at about 330.
Nov 16 – we will outline the great experiences ahead – as this includes the Mercedes Sprinter Plant, the Dealership and also other Hendrick Automotive support.
We will be touring and learning all about the SC Ports – in a field trip experience.
All sessions held at St. Julian Devine – Wednesdays of each week, beginning on Nov 16 and NOT meeting the week of Thanksgiving.
December 7 -is the second gathering at St. Julian Devine.
Ultimate goal is to assemble stories and short films about the SC Port and the growth that we can expect ahead with VOLVO and other industries.
The SC Port Authority has opened their doors/support for this and we will be interviewing and meeting their key decision makers/staff and touring certain areas.
So do you know about “roro?”  Roll on, roll off.  That’s just one term we learned Cars___Parts (1)from last year!
And, this is a project that combines STEAM/STEM! 
In closing, we hope also to prepare this project for viewing and sharing at the Lowcountry Stem Festival in 2017~