The Silent Films of Charlie Chaplin – moving to Charleston!

The Silent Films of Charlie Chaplin!  Moving. to Charleston!  stay tuned for detail.

Featuring his Iconic character:  “THE TRAMP” – recognized by the Academy of Arts and Sciences the OSCARS. (1914-1952 – 88 films)

Includes SPECIAL SCHOOL Classes DAY!  PLUS – 2 days of Chaplin’s Silent Films.

Saturday – Family Day – with theatrical crafting, a THE TRAMP lookalike contest and story time in Barnes and Noble.  Schools are invited in!

A Cinematic learning experience for students/teachers! Opening presentation by Professor Toni Bowers, a Chaplin Scholars – UPENN. Demonstrations by Mimes/Pantomimes.  

All teachers receive a free HOW TO PANTOMIME BOOKLET during the School Day.

Chaplin’s Silent films share:

  • Art of storytelling, portraying a character – THE TRAMP -through body movements in silent films.
  • Visual Literacy – Pantomime a story – increasing reading comprehension
  • Social and political impacts of Chaplin’s 20th-century silent film