Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Diaries & Drinks at The South Carolina Historical Society

Now what? In our digital world, where are our diaries or journals?
Cassique of the Kiawahs and Eliza Lucas Pinckney exhibit
Cassique of the Kiawah’s and Eliza Lucas Pinckney exhibit

Before me under glass was the George Chicken Diary of 1715.  Normally this type of a rare find is kept in archival storage but for this special event:  Diaries & Drinks, several rooms had on display many historic diaries. The writing all cursive, and the prose when I could read, sounded “old English”. Just like my Grandmother Mamie would have written, always so formal.

Eliza Lucas Pinckney(1739-1762)  her letters now found in a book is shown here standing next to Cassique of the Kiawah’s in an interactive exhibit.  Eliza is given credit for the development of “blue or indigo” and a manager of several plantations for her family.  Her letters are most interesting and tell the story of her life and those around her. I did purchase the book, and not sure on what shelf that is overflowing it will rest, when I am not reading it. Many say I have to many books.?

Cassique of the Kiawah’s has long been a favorite historical hero of mine.  We have traveled many times to Charlestowne Landing where there is a statue of him, and information on his low country exploits.  Enjoying hearing again here his leadership and cooperation with the settlers when the Spanish tried to take over the coast line. Cassique’s story was shared in voice, and is embedded in the interactive exhibit.

Onto Louis Manigault Travel Journals, 1850-1855, detailing his trip to cover the Gold Rush out west.  One that was familiar to me was John Henry Dick Journals, owner of The Dixie Planation, and his amazing collection of art prints. His collection dated 1947-1987), with am emphasis on birds.

One of the wall exhibits that I found intriguing were the small bottles of earthquake dirt. Nearby in the next room,  a typewriter in a case with Alice Ravenel Huger Smith – Scrapbook.(1917)   Even a black and white photo included.

So this time out from “work” was a gift I gave myself.  These diaries would be considered journals also, and reading over most of them – all written in hand, cursive. Neat and often in a straight line. Proper English, no tweeting  abbreviated language. Made me think.

How in our digital world, would we find the detail writing in our journals say in 50 years? No paper, only written electronically and saved how? I wonder if any of us have come up with a way to save or document events, times and places in a digital file often? Probably so, and I am certain there are companies out there willing to help, and there is the mysterious cloud?

I did recently stun a friend and colleague, by finding an essay about an event that happened in 2016.  Back then, I used EMAIL transmissions to document the day’s event and sent it to myself. Often sent to a teacher also as I was working in the afterschool time and it was an update on what we did in class that afternoon. Ah, it was if a light went off in my thoughts.

Next step, I began to check through my emails, and found a lot of my days written in the email and saved.  Like over 67,000 emails since 2011, approaching 13 years.  Now I am downloading beginning in 2015 and saving and printing, and preparing them for a notebook at least for now.  Next steps to be determined.

Back to reading now.

I enjoyed my walk through today of the South Caroline Historical Society – Diaries & Drinks, The Fireproof building.  There were 19 diaries and other displays, and I now can return. As I joined today, and look forward to returning.

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