FFA – Expo – the exhibition floor, Louisville. Notable Discoveries that provide great education and support for FFA youth!

Linda Dennis, Program Manager

FFA Ignite – Expo – Show Floor Outtakes – All photos are uploaded on our flickr – www.flickr.com/photos/backpackjournalist


FMC Sponsored “Stand and BE Heard” – $10,000 scholarship for singing the National Anthem!

The 2014 contest begins after March 1, 2014 and must me a member of  ag-related student organization such as AFA, FFA, 4-H or student NAMA to enter.  Check out:  www.FMCcrop.com/contest after March.

We got to meet the current winner!  Noelle Goodson.  Check out her great smile!

Remember the RAM commercial during last year’s Super Bowl?  We loved it, and at the Dodge – Ram Booth their exhibit included THE RAM FARMER’S MARKET.  Check out www.RamTrucks.com/Outfitter for a complete selection of iconic collectibles.  All works of art, celebrating the year of the farmer!

Want a career in Arboriculture?  An arborist is an expert in the science and the art of tree care – combining physical skills and modern technology to utilize scientifically based methods of tree care.  Check out one of the “interactive –psychical displays” On hand experts from Davey Tree to instruct all FFA members who braved the climb!www.isa-arbor.com

Animals were walking the aisles thank to Sea World Parks!  We love Penguins and not only did we get close-up with a set of Penguins, but also we got to meet EVAN, a Horn Owl.  The caretakers and trainers were bringing out different animals during the day, and at one time a kangaroo was even seen hopping down the aisle.

The US Army’s booth was filled with engaging displays allowing the FFA members to try out push-ups or pull-ups, and get detailed information on the different career opportunities.

And, in the distance, we kept hearing music – like “beach music”.  We kept wanting to find a line dance and sure enough, in the Tractor Supply Booth – it was jamming with FAA members to the sounds of “Pink Cadillac!”

A total of 202 photos were taken today, and more to come tomorrow.