FFA Member – Lyndsay Snyder shares her love and pride as she is an 8th generation dairy farmer

Linda Dennis, Program Manager

FFA – Ignite – Louisville, Kentucky

Lyndsay Snyder  stood in the Morris College Booth and kept looking over at the booth sign “A Backpack Journalist”.   Wondering to herself, just what is this “backpack thing?”   Thinking to herself that she wanted to tell the stories of the farmers in my state!   Not sure how I can do this but…and she walked over to talk to Linda Dennis.

Lyndsay will soon graduate and dreams of traveling the state of New York, clipping daily cattle – cows!.  So what’s clipping Cows?  She takes special tools, like scissors and carefully trims the hair and  grooms a Cow.  Often for showing, but more often to keep the Cow healthy and clean so that they are produce milk.  Her enthusiasm was quite evident as she described her dreams of also telling the stories of the dairy farmers.   Her family history is quite impressive as she is the 8th generation Snyder Family.

The video here she created prior to attending FFA, and we’d like to share it now!  Look forward to hearing from Lyndsay as she travels New York collecting and sharing the stories from the New York farmers.

Linda Dennis