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Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

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Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

His Truth is Marching On – Concert. A Celebration of Faith & Patriotism

Choral Artists of Southern Nevada – Director Marsha Borovicka, Director
PC Teach It. as published for Clark County School District in 2004-2005

Memorial Day has always been an important day in my life.  I always try to find a special event that memorializes those that gave up their lives for our freedoms in conflicts.  May 30, 1868 was the first day honoring the fallen,  and note the date, following the Civil War. And, I might add that growing up through the years, I was always reminded by Grandmother Mamie, with her two sons having served in World War II and her Uncle having died in service, that I should be more reverent as May 30 is of all days -my birthday.

In years past, I was able to attend the Rolling Thunder Event in Washington, DC and then followed by the Freedom – Musical performances on the Washington Mall (Lt. Dan Band was there). All in one weekend!

Charleston, South Carolina, Saturday May 25, 2024

Beginning my day visiting a Vietnam Veteran, his wife and daughter was humbling. Their family has had a series of serious illnesses and fighting to get through it – to better health.  He once visited our afterchool class and spoke on patriotism, and will never be forgotten by the students.  During out visit I hope I was able to bring in some happiness, as he in a picture with the students will soon appear in our book.

Now as the day came to a close, St. Philips Church – a choral concert: His Truth is Marching One – A Celebration of Faith & Patriotism.  A beautiful hour and one half of voices, piano and organ music to How Great Thou Art, The Road Home, Unclouded Day, Come to Me...and many others.

What made this Choral Concert was also an exceptional experience to me was the group -Choral Artists of Southern Nevada and the founder and director, Marsha Borovicka, who at one time was with the Clark County School District.

Imagine that twenty years ago I was commuting, living part-time in Las Vegas working with the district, and published the magazine appearing above.  Marsha was the finest choral director to the second largest school district in the US,  and while I worked within, I did attend many of their events. While in Las Vegas, the Clark County Education Foundation was also involved with the printing of this magazine, and also supported the many wonderful musical events, lead by Marsha, the teacher.

This afternoon this concert lead by Marsha was indeed a celebration of faith and patriotism, and when it ended, I went up and re-introduced myself to her and thanked her and wished her group well.  At first she was a bit taken aback and as we exchanged names, places and bit of my history with the district, she smiled and seemed to remember.

What meant so much to me, as I sat in the pew, so totally engaged in the choral performance, trying to keep my emotions in tact,  was reflecting back on the goodness of this special woman leading this group:  Marsha Borovicka.  During her tenure at Clark County School District, I know she made a huge difference in the lives of so many of the students.  Today, she continues!  Blessings!

Check out https://www.casnchoir.com/

Linda Dennis, still enjoying the sounds..

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