It’s a wrap – 5 great days! Adventures focused on the Charleston Harbor!


Lots of fun – from opening day learning Pantomime from Hester coming in on Zoom and then Tressy came in to share with us all about the Shem Creek and the Marine Life here.  We took lots of photos of each other, and next day – in spite of the rain, we visited NATURE -down on the corner.  Along with us came the CHICKEN -and we created alot of fun gags to include a pirate on a small boat and taking the heartbeat of a statue.  Best of all, we stopped at the donut shop and somehow our “CHICKEN” loved the donuts too.  Yummy.

Back to our classroom, we began to assemble our short films.  Our beloved “CHICKEN” was often found riding the elevator, the vending machine.

Off we went to the SC Port Authority for a tour, and then back to work on our short films.  While a group was on that tour – we began to establish our “little Charlie’s Mime Troupe!”

The trip via the Charleston Harbor was a mixed one.  We traveled in and visited the Powder Museum, and learned all about the Revolutionary War – the King and had fun learning about the Pirates.  We stopped off at Byrd’s Cookies and each of us got to fill a box!  We had a picnic on the Waterfront Park – the Joe Riley Park.  Beautiful air – and then the fountains, with a few of us enjoying the spray!

However, on the way back across the harbor, we were to travel around again, the Harbor Taxi Captain was short ONE seat and he asked us to depart.  He did offer to pick us up again – on the way back – but parents were due to pick us up.  Lesson learned! We did all enjoy “Chilling” on the deck of the Charleston Harbor Resort.

A special thank you to the Comfort Inn – and use of their Patriot Room -and their staff, as all students used their creativity to assemble alot of fun scripts and then filmed them in and out of the elevator and the vending machines!

Best of all -under Trinity’s guidance and Abbie at the board, with all contributing – a script was written about the green screen – film.  Yep – we used photography from a trip out to the SC Port -and then the green screen, and edited the “actors”.

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