Kids Guide to Charleston – SC

Spring Break Camp – Baseball Fun for all Kids in Charleston, SC

Our spring and summer camps are now getting organized!

SPRING BREAK – March 25-29 – Charleston, SC

Baseball Fun for girls and boys!

Learn all about the game, from the history dating back to the late 1800’s and Abner Doubleday, or was it the “Rounders” coming over from England?  Where were the first games played here in America.  How did Baseball become America’s favorite pastime?  Plus what role did Baseball play in the integration of sports across America?

Next, THE GAME.  It’s more than the players on the field, and what does each position require in skill and talent. Let’s play ball!  Lots of time spent in learning about the curve ball, the bat and the running of the bases (alas stealing home, a must.)

(Stay tuned, as we are partnered with a local college baseball team and they will be invovled with us as we learn and have some fun playing on the field)

The music of the day.  Can’t you hear “take me out to the ballgame?”  Well, we are going to have fun writing our own song and then performing, and learning a few dance steps that work well as we run the bases and perhaps take over the top of the dug-outs.

And finally, we train so that we can attend the RiverDogs’ games on Kid’s Night, and “work”.  What does that mean?

Stay tuned for more information, send to [email protected] for a registration packet.

Fees vary.