Low Country Harley-Davidson welcomes in all riders!


A Backpack Journalist, Program Manager

Saturday, April 25, 2014

Like a conductor raising his arms to direct the orchestra, so did the Low Country Harley-Davidson staff, as the riders began to line up for their ride in honor of the Month of the Military Child!  And, the engines roared!  Nothing like the sounds of the turning up of the  engine of a “Harley-Davidson” as it’s owner prepares to ride!

Lead by the Motorcyle Squad of the Charleston and N. Charleston Sheriff Departments, the riders single filed out  for their ride through the lowcountry.  And, to those who saw them come over the Ravenel Bridge, lucky you!  Today, these riders came from all over the state, and donated their time and money to support several local organizations who work with military youth.

The Green Knights were on hand and helped to organized this special event.  These riders are all military, active and retired, and not only “ride” but also offer educational and training support on motorcycle safely and the basics of riding.  Today, they filled the parking lot with children’s activities,blow up jumpies, lots of great food and a special event – the bike rodeo for kids from MUSC and the Charleston Police Department.

So what’s this? A bicycle rodeo?  It’s all about kids riding a bike and safety.

IMG_5202-bOn hand were members of the Charleston Police Department who ride bikes throughout the city and also provide and support this training for children for this MUSC program.  The kids escorted by a police officer learned how to read the STOP sign, how to peddle a circle and then rode throughout the parking lot escorted by the police officer.

One of the highlights were the young bike riders, all teens,  from the AREA 51 Bicycle Shop in North Charleston, SC.   Each rider provided skilled turns, flips and went into the air with their bikes as they rode on and off the ramps.  Then there were the young men who were playing Bicycle Polo.   What’s this?  It dates back to the early days of Great Britain when their military members would practice their polo skills without their horses!  Follow this link to our video page and catch the video interview.

The day was made so special by the young children who, with the help of Boeing volunteers, decorated their bikes for a parade and judging for a competition.  With their helmets on, each child rode their decorated bike around the parking lot circle, escorted by the Charleston Police on their bikes with their sirens going and light flashing.  On our video page there is a short clip of this parade!

And the winners are!  All of us who attended, watched the children have a great time from the general activities to the  final parade allowing the children to win a chance on a  bike for the decorating skills!

Be sure and check out our flickr page for the photos of the day, and the YOUTUBE listed here for the “action” that took place.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157644291831286/