Messaging using Beach Sand Art…

On being creative and finding effects to work with the 4K Videos from Ocean Alliance!


Whale – written in the sand

Beautiful afternoon, by the sea.

Sand Piper Babies

Sullivan’s Island or “Sullies” as the locals often referred to this sandy beach nestled at the sea.  We were at Station 22.  Writing in the sand messaging that we will be able to use with the 4K footage from Ocean Alliance.

The “Backpackers” will be creating films soon.  We love using overlays in our film work.  And so today, we headed to the sea shore to create.  We did using the flat sand to write in and then photographed the rippled sand nearby. Turning towards the ocean, we were able to  capture the wide open berth of the waters nearby.

So now we begin to work amongst the beautiful footage provided by Ocean Alliance, creating stories that will engage all, and help to share their beauty and masterful ocean creatures at work.

The photos here were taken by Ethan Hall, Grace Hatch and Linda Dennis – one sunny afternoon – October, 2019.


Ocean! written in the sand
Sand Piper Babies
Beautiful Waves of Sand
Whales written in the sand to help our backpackers create overlays within their film stories.
Sullivan’s island shoreline..can you see the Sandpipers?
Whale – written in the sand
We love our….ocean and whales…