MIME – Pantomime – a Story!


TREES – all of the TALL TALES had lots of trees in the stories! Thiis movement – was perhaps the hardest but look at the arms raised for the tree limbs and the leg of each student behind the knee! Yes, you may see birdie or two!
All line up to practice trees with MS. D! Note the white gloves!
With the mask on..students place hands in a smile..format!

After five days in a Creative Arts School, with 76 Second grade students, they performed four Tall Tales Stories using MIME on a stage for the first time!  Following each class was asked to write in an essay form just what they learned from their TALL TALE MIME experience.

Previous year students struggled.  First, it was a risk using Pantomime -MIME training, to bring each Tall Tale alive to a student?  Will they learn sequencing and details, and the beginning, middle and end.  All apart of the SC State Standards.

Reporting back:  students after their stage performance sat at their desks and wrote and wrote about the TALL TALE that they participated in.  This year, success,  teachers thrilled!

So how was Pantomime added into the lesson plan for each TALL TALE STORY?  How did the students learn how to present without words and only body movements?  Did the student find it easier?  Enjoy?

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PS   MINI MIME – Summer Camps ahead – we will be holding TALL TALES – and other stories weekly – with a final performance.  Ages – Second grade and up.

Our MINI MIME TROUPE will be performing in Mt. Pleasant, SC – at various locations/at the Mt. Pleasant Arts Festival March 12, 2022