MINI “Mime” Troupe – choose the Mini Cooper as their car of choice!

We love the MINI.  From MINI of Charleston!.

Our MINI “Mime” Troupe – the “little Charlies” had the opportunity to visit MINI OF CHARLESTON!  It was a cool morning, and with lots of photos being taken by the parents of our “Mimes” – they had alot of fun sitting in, walking about and with smiles by all.

So here we had -“Little Charlie and his sidekick, and then two Charlottes!”

This group of young people were formed from our 4 weeks of Summer Camp Adventures.  Presently we have between 12-16 who are willing to assemble often, to practice Pantomime, with lessons from Hester Kamin, and then to get creative and “write a script, perform and then film into a short video that will be shared with shut-in’s and so many children/families that have a sickness within”.  Once this COVID19 gets conquered, we hope to perform live. Filmaking editing by Trinity Hutzler and Creative by Linda Dennis.

Stay tuned!

Our goal:  Making the World Smile Again!

Special thanks to the team at Hendrick – MINI OF CHARLESTON for their support, and the parents so willing to allow their children to be involved in learning and a giving experience.


Trinity, Jackson, Hank, Coliana, and Irish – all MINI MIMES!