My life as a military kid by Jeralexia Mitchell

My Life as a Military Kid

My dad and mom both have military experience.  My dad was in the Vietnam War, and my mom is currently in the DC Army National Guard.  I enjoy listening to the stories my dad tells me from when he was in the military.  He always says he had no choice, as he was drafted into the military.  He has experienced walking right in front of the enemy and fearing for his life.  To this day he still has nightmares about his military experience.  My mom tells me of her stories and why she decided to join the military.  She says the military gave her the opportunity to go to college and get a good education that was paid for by the military.  I have other family members that have served in the military.  My grandfather was a marine, I have three uncles that were in the army, and one aunt that recently just retired from the army after thirty years.  I am proud to be a member of a family that has a strong military back ground.  That is why I have decided to join the military when I graduate next year.  My military family keeps me in check.  They are always telling me that you never know who is watching you so always be on your best behavior.  They tell me how the military makes you be a leader not a follower.  Military life has a lot to offer a person like the opportunity to travel, a lot of businesses give discounts to military, and you can go to college.

I’m currently in the Marines ROTC program at my high school.  When I put on my uniform I feel proud as I see what benefits a military career can offer me.  I want to join the military and become an anesthesiologist.  For the past five years that has been my goal.  My dad has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is a disable veteran.  I receive military benefits from my dad being a disable veteran.  I currently get a check, and when I turn eighteen I will get a larger amount to help with my college education.  My mom has GI bill benefits that I will be able to use when I go to college.  With all the benefits that will be offered to me from the military it makes me very proud of my parents who sacrificed a lot for me to get a good education so I can become a doctor.  I look forward to the day when I can sit around and tell my children my military career and what it can offer them.  I look forward to my challenge of becoming a marine and making my parents proud as I become an anesthesiologist.

This essay won Jeralexia a place as an Intern with A Backpack Journalist.