Ocean Alliance & A Backpack Journalist – new partnership!

Ocean Alliance and A Backpack Journalist partner!

Ocean Alliance, a whale and ocean research organization founded in 1971 by Dr. Roger Payne, A Backpack Journalist, and our team of Backpackers — students from the lowcountry of South Carolina — have partnered to support our quest to create stories and films about whales, dolphins (small toothed whales), and ocean conservation. The Backpackers will be working and engaging with the scientific studies Ocean Alliance is doing using SnotBot®, a non-invasive means of collecting data from wild whales using a drone, to develop a series of short educational films for teachers, their students, and the wider public. For the background sound, Whale Songs, as discovered by Dr. Payne!.

Looking forward to working with 4K video footage, and our own IPad and iMovie Editing skills, with an outcome filled video stories with the grace and awe of the ocean and the whales!