Our Modules

All content on a DVD
All content on a DVD

Each module found in a subject track is available in print or PDF/Digital.

The entire set includes powerpoints with each module for training purposes, and separate curricula for staff/teachers.  In the student guide, all content is written for the youth or adult learner, and may be shared/photo copied within the class or unit.
A Backpack Journalist curriculum: Editor – Bobby Hawthorne (see his bio on the Instructor section)
  • Basic Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Photojournalism
  • Songwriting
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Cowboy Poetry
  • Little Backpackers (6-11)
  • Digital Storytelling – Film Making (in production)
TO SUPPORT OUR CURRICULUM:  Subscription and continued lesson plans on Cover the Assignment.

COVER THE ASSIGNMENT tm – is an ongoing lesson plan that allows the youth or adult learner a continued participation with the curricula and real life experience.  All youth participate as reporters, videographers and gather and write and report!  Ongoing assignments are available to the youth.

Annually we provide quarterly updates with lesson plans and special projects ideas to support holidays and events.  (Example:  Month of the Military Child/Flag Day/Veteran’s Day).  We provide a customer service line, and also with bundle/packages staff support and training.

All of the A Backpack Journalist content is easily aligned to standards required by each state and support what is called the CORE CURRICULUM.  Today, with the emphasis on the STEM, multiple schools are finding that writing is a key component for success.

Please call for information: 404 314 8007 or email:  [email protected]


A Backpack Journalist – Set includes all modules:  $499.99.  Distribution/photocopies are permitted for a class/command/frg/youth program within a brigade/unit.

For the subscription which includes:

  • the Set with all modules
  • Cover the Assignment
  • updated lesson plans  $1397.00

$1397.00 total (Digital PDF’s, sets of DVD’s)


Workshops for veterans and service members with anxiety related issues are available also.

Contact our Program Office:  404 314 8007 for further information.


Review of all content by Dr. Frederic J Medway, USC Professor Emeritus. The curriculum also includes a chapter by Dr. Medway on the benefits of writing and journaling, and creative expression.


ALL of our modules ROTATE, our workshops are considered “unique” .    Thus, a student/youth/adult learner will find that these rotations will allow for a productive learning experience in that one or all of the modules will allow each to find “their road to their own internal voice”.