Pantomime – helps increase comprehension in reading/writing for Children!


Ms. Dennis with students as they pantomime Paul Bunyan a Classic Tale

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Inspired by the comedy of Charlie Chaplin and his use of Pantomime to tell a story, this experience – Making the World Smile Again is from Linda Denns, A Backpack Journalist.
No words spoken, all stories told with body movements and Pantomime, with students wearing a black Top hat or Bowler Hat and white Mime gloves.
Linda Dennis/A Backpack Journalist Lesson plan/s  integrates a student’s need to increase their comprehension skills as they read and write, with sequencing an important element.  This plan was developed for K – 3 classes, and to date over 126 students have shown improvement!  Ahead is another 308 students.  Funded by Engaging Creative Minds, as Linda Dennis, A Backpack Journalist is  an artist.  Teachers choose this experience for their students, and  a book for their students.  The classics that include Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett, John Henry and Johnny Appleseed are often chosen.
“Dennis uses Pantomime movements following the plot, characters and venue/location in a book. Reading  the book aloud, then demonstrating the movements, engaging the students. Repeating the movements as each student practises as the story unfolds and locales around the world are explained.  Each student is given white gloves and a black top or Bowler Hat.  A final performance is held. Key:  A Lot of body movements also support healthy exercise, as the story is presented, an example of arts integration into reading!
“Jazzy Hands and Trees ” are two invaluable movements that engage students in the learning process, while they are having fun!  The closing is always a bow from the waist, and the removal of the hat.  Always wearing white gloves. and we often call the gloves magic.
The integration of the Arts – ie Theatrical technique -Pantomime, Making the World Smile Again – so inspired by Charlie Chaplin and the 50 plus funny silent films he made in the early 1900’s and his beloved character- THE TRAMP!