So did Blackbeard arrive to celebrate the holidays?

Capt. Tim Dillinger, extraordinaire tonight with Ms. D.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Alas, while attending the CWIT Christmas fundraiser and celebration, I just bumped into Capt. Timothy E. Dillinger, Pirate Extraordinaire.  There he stood and I thought Blackbeard crashed the event, but no, he said “Hello, ma’am I am Capt. Tim Dillinger, and yes I am a storyteller beyond extraordinaire – from Charleston’s earliest history, to today.”

Coming in 2019, Team Backpackers will have the opportunity to take on many of Capt. Tim’s characters, and to learn from the master, just how life was back “then”.

So when is “then?”.  When did Blackbeard really come to the Carolina coast?  Any of the folklore true or not?  Yes, Capt. Tim will be sure to tell us.

Stay tuned – so glad Capt. Tim came tonight, enjoyed learning all about the Pirates of the SC Coast.

Or was it Blackbeard the pirate tonight?