Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

THE TRINIDAD – visits Charleston Harbor

Not to be missed – the education found on this ship – that would have sailed in the 1700′!
Linda Dennis, with a iPhone. Edited with IMOVIE.
The TRINIDAD at the Charleston harbor.
Linda Dennis
The TRINIDAD at the Charleston harbor.

Here is to a late afternoon walk at the Charleston Harbor, and seeing in the distance the Spanish Flag flying over this magnificent ship. the TRINIDAD!

A few years back I along with a group of my summer camp kids had toured this ship,  and it’s back!

I was invited on board and Paulo – gave me a quick tour, and with my iPhone I was able to capture a few of the interior areas of the TRINIDAD!  INFO BELOW FROM THEIR

WEBSITE:  https://tallshipsamerica.org/vessels/nao-trinidad/

OR check out:

Want to know more about this ship:


The Nao Victoria Foundation is a non-profit entity specializes in promoting and spreading historical events, which are supported by the construction of historical ships (the Nao Victoria, El Galeón and the Nao Santa María) that are sailed throughout the world’s ports. The vessels are a powerful, unique and very attractive marketing and educational platform that have been used successfully to support great world events during the last decade.

Our vessels have taken part in national and international expositions and events with great media exposure and publicity. The added value received includes:

  • Serve as a powerful platform to disseminate and exhibit contents.
  • Function as a great reach beacon.
  • Have unique, innovative elements and a strong appeal both sailing and in-port.
  • Reach prominent presence and impact through domestic and international media
  • Receive exceptionally warm welcoming, plus institutional and diplomatic impact on every port of call.

The Nao Santa María is one of Huelva’s hallmarks and its columbine vocation. It suggests and evokes the region’s ships, seamen, the seafarer’s tradition and its most universal history. All over the world it is recognized as a symbol of this history of encounters and mutual awareness which the province of Huelva celebrates now on its 525th Anniversary.  Hence the Nao Santa María Project embodies the goal of the 525th Anniversary of retracing its history to promote the columbine heritage, the tourism and the regional culture through the construction and cultural promotion of the vessel that was the vehicle of this encounter between two worlds 525 years ago, and will be again in the present.

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