Linda Denis

TO ALL PARENTS: Today, Ms. D spent time with a software developer from San Francisco. He shared alot about his upbringing in Houston, and his childhood and the use of the “Screen time”.
I know all of you are always worried about TOO much screen time, but when he was young, his Mother made him a deal: FOR EVERY HOUR YOU READ, YOU GET AN HOUR ON LINE. SO IN THE SUMMER TIME, HE WOULD GET UP AT 6:30 AND READ UNTIL 12! Then, he went on line to involve himself in a “game where others were”. He was so engaged, that he and others began to improve the “game”, and made sure it was a safe environment for others.
So today, he is highly paid software developer, highly skilled, somewhat self-taught, and college educated, and now building multiple systems for businesses around the world and an AVID READER! #softwaredeveloper #screentime