To Olivia…


Photo by Jace

Marcus, JRB Youth


You know me. I can be sweet. I can be sarcastic. I can be funny, moody, sad, mad, all of the above.
But now, I want to be honest.
Thank you.
Thanks for always helping me. With everything. No joke. Everything. Things that are too personal to describe. You help me with them.
Thanks for letting me tell you things I can’t tell anyone else. Things about mom and dad, about my situation, about my dreams, about my hopes, my fears.
You’re only 14 years old. I know you didn’t sign up for this. You should be spending more of your weekends on Facebook or at the pool or at the mall with your friends, but here you are, at a workshop in Austin with me.
I do appreciate it. Thanks for always being there when I need you. You’re the best friend anyone could ever have.
Now, could you get me some Doritos.