Warrior Ethos: our adventure begins

Our inspiration: a descendant of the IOWAY Tribe


Linda Dennis, Program Manager

Inspired by a South Carolina Vietnam Veteran, descended from the IOWAY tribe in Oklahoma,  who shared his story with Team Backpack Journalists, we begin our research and journey into discovering the “Warrior Ethos”.

“A warrior is not to kill, but to protect their families and provide for them as well.  When I returned from Vietnam as a warrior, I was welcomed home during a tribal ceremony, by my tribe.  It was a simple ceremony, of honor”.    His story was certainly different than the majority of the Vietnam Veterans.   Our inspiration and desire to learn more began.

In our early research, we learned that the “Warrior Ethos”  is a “code of conduct right and wrong, of virtures or vices”.  The American Indian within their tribal culture honors the warrior and has done so since their beginnings hundreds of years ago as the settlers came to America.

Many also believe in today’s society, the term Warrior Ethos, only applies to the military service member, however, we found research and via many published works, that Ethos can be taught on a football field or in a family or individuals wishing to become a “group”.   We then decided that we should look more deeply as it does apply to our civilian life as well.  Right here in the lowcountry of South Carolina we find many groups who work to help youth find their “group or place to belong”.

One of our earlier research pieces included sharing the words of a welcoming warrior chant with a group of Citadel Cadets.  We taped the session and will include it in our final documentary.

Our goal is to assemble all of our research, film interviews and script into a documentary.  Team backpack Journalists, all youth reporters and filmmakers will be involved in this project.  Release date:  Winter of 2017.