What’s your story? FFA members attend A Backpack Journalist workshop: Ignite/Louisville!

Linda Dennis, A Backpack Journalist

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Over 66 FFA Youth participated in “What’s your story!”  a l-hour workshop that combines a quick one on one interview with another FFA member that they do not know – and then a short live presentation to the group.  Each youth was challenged to bring forward their new friend and take the mike, and then introduce them to the others in the room.  Each team then went off to the portable portrait studio – for a quick 3-step lesson in composition and taking great portraits.  They each learned how to “move their feet” and to fill the frame and shoot for the moment!  The use of a reflector allowed us to now use heavy lights, and get the results that are now posted on our flickr account.

We were asked what was the “goal” here – and as our mission statements states:   build resilience through creative expression!  The quick interview – followed by the public speaking (each youth introduced their new friend to the group) and then the taking of the portrait – all help a young person find their self-confidence by speaking live before a group and then picking up the camera and seeking out the “soul” of the other before them!  The portraits were all taken by the youth of youth, and the results were amazing.  It’s all about using the lens of a camera to help find the spirit of the young person.  And, today it was members of the FFA from North Carolina, Illinois, Utah, Texas, Kentucky, Arizona and a host of other states.   All in great fun, and at the closing of the session – all of the photos were shared on a screen!  Lots of laughter and oohs and ahhs!  Plus another “unsung” benefit of  this workshop is that the FFA youth – meet other youth NOT in their chapter or group!

We are compiling an “E” book of all the photos and interviews!  For the link to the “E” book, please send an inquiry  [email protected]

To view the results:  check out our flickr.com/photos/backpackjournalist.