Wishing all a very Merry Christmas & Safe, Happy New Year – 2022

As we have begun to live again, schools opening with masks or not, a bout with COVID for MS D. and finally we are back with the kiddos – as we began our journey into pantomime – and the building of a MIME TROUPE.

A form of communication, throw in a bit of theatre, with the able assistance of Hester Kamin and Synetic Theatre, we set off!  Our devotion to the study of Charlie Chaplin’s films are firmly in place, as we participated in two Christmas parades, and studied his incredibly fun movements.

Blessings now to all the Seniors at Sandpiper Village, our MINI MIMES have now visited twice, and looking forward to Golden Corral on New Year’s Eve afternoon.

Ms. D is shown here with Santa, alias Mr. Ed. 0ur volunteer 1923 Model T driver and lover of children.  He so kindly offered up his vehicle for our ride in the Charleston Christmas Parade – and now is our 2022 new friend.  More blessings ahead for all of our MIMES.  Play Ball soon!