Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Hands on Scholastic Journalism for youth!

A Backpack Journalist

Year in Review – 2023

From health to wellness, celebrating graduation of “Backpack Journalists” from 2014, and a final bit of high tide and rain!

Year in review – 2023

Our team worked hard to bring a Charlie Chaplin Film Festival to the Mount Pleasant area!  The Mount Pleasant Towne Center and the Barnes and Noble volunteered to partner and help, and we met with a member of the Towne Council and it was a yes there too.  However, they went out of country, and the Rec Department folks would not provide any marketing help via the massive email data base!  The local paper. The Moultrie News did and it was a great article, but not all residents receive this paper!

The days went by, and no support came, and then the BIG C – hit me.  The only good news about my Cancer was that it was NOT a 4!  However, surgery on my face, with a partially new nose and many physical restrictions.  The healing began. Sleeping was interesting as could not sleep on my favorite side. Nor could I lift or bend. Oh well, months of healing ahead.  We had to cancel bringing in the Chaplin films and now looking to  2024.

In May of 2023, we held a celebratory dinner  honoring 4 of the Backpack Journalists that we started out with from Sanders CLYDE Elementary School back in 2014.  They just graduated from high school. Thanks to Brad Davis and his support, we gathered for supper and later toured Autometrics, the Porsche Racing team!

Later in the fall the Princeton Club invited us to The Library Society to hear from a Harvard Professor speak about a book:  Thaddeus Bell, a N. Charleston, African American Doctor, who had served in our community.  A wonderful recognition for these 4 great kids – they made it through high school – and now “next?”

We did “keep on keeping on”.  That’s a favorite Gullah saying.  Now living in Charleston downtown, and walking about and enjoying the view from the harbor.  Reminiscing often about the earlier years when A Backpack Journalist started off in Texas and organizing my book:  “On becoming A Backpack Journalist”.  Thanks to a phone call from Round Rock, Texas!  The program began in an Incubator funded by the Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation!

Coming in 2024 – we are bringing Charlie Chaplin Films to Charleston, especially focused on his 1942 – The Great Dictator, and many of his films that feature his iconic:  THE TRAMP.

We are back with the HEALING FARMS team, sharing Pantomime movements that Chaplin made so famous.

And, we then continue writing our book:  “On Becoming a Backpack Journalist!”  The “Bones” are done  (that’ slang for how the book is organized) and now we work on filling in with the memories, the interviews with the kids now adults and somehow share the “secret” that helped to encourage so many “kids” to becoming successful writers or find careers in other professions.  Interviews to come with those people who helped throughout the years, and why!

Stay tuned to meet:  Newspaper Journalists and Columnists, Cyber Program managers keeping our roads safe, Phd’s working in  hearing loss – focus on children, hip hop musicians with their own labels, missionaries and life coaches, and social workers that focus on helping immigrant children find safety and now the new graduates from high school as they step out into a world to secure their careers and professions.  What were the odds?

2024 – Coming Charlie Chaplin Film Event – the draft of the book: ”On Becoming a Backpack Journalist” goes to print and onto Amazon and travels back to Texas and then to Washington, DC. And over the ocean as well.

Blessings and prayers to all as the new year begins! I continue Wednesday Nights at St. Philips Church learning more about CS Lewis, and quiet prayers throughout the year on Sundays.  My Grandmother Mamie, long since passed,  would be so happy to know of my continued faith, then in prayer and in keeping on keeping on – sharing and  kindness with others.

On the last week in December – well, a flood came

. The tide rushed in.  Lost my car to this flood.  But safe and looking forward to 2024!

Linda Dennis, December 30, 2023

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