Year in Review & Giving Thanks coming soon!

Giving Thanks – coming soon!

Team Backpack Filmmakers

As we say goodbye to 2019, and step into 2020, our backpackers have been gathering and writing about their favorite experiences, and people that they have met during the year!  Going forward, each also brainstormed and then listed their “dreams” and “experiences for 2020!

Read all about it:  From continuing to visit the SC Ports Authority (with cameras and video in gear), to visiting the USS Yorktown, the City of Charleston – the Holy City filled with history, the Charleston Museum, and of course working with OCEAN ALLIANCE and creating short films, writing stories about their research on whales, the ocean and their SnotBotr.

Stay tuned and tune in – as we launch our PODCAST series – beginning with an interview with Dr. Iain Kerr, OCEAN ALLIANCE, Gloucester, Massachusetts!

Backpackers on the beach!