Young Ninja’s are they the beginnings of a tribe?

“Cultural Belongings” a documentary a part of our Inspire Filmmakers Experience!


Linda Dennis

Today, we watched as a group of young boys sat patiently waiting their turn to run and work a Ninja course. Their instructor before they began, advised the group, “ok now, clap your hands and give your fellow Ninja’s a thumbs up.” Reflecting over the training given to these young boys, it became evident that they were part of a Ninja Tribe for young boys. They have become young warriors competing on a course showing their physical skill. And, then when they came “home”, they cheered each other and raised their arms showing their strength. That’s the culture of a tribe as defined by American Native Indians folklore, and often spoken about by Sitting Bull. More to come about – “Cultural Belongings” from the Inspire Film Makers Experience this summer and fall!