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Ranger Ready – Sgt. 1st Class, Leroy Petry – Medal of Honor

Kat Boynton, Emarah Cousar, A Backpack Journalist, Interns, Reporters

March 29, 2012

Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry, US Army – 75th Ranger Regiment, Ft. Benning, Georgia.  Ranger Ready”. Interviewed by Kat Boynton and Emarah Cousar – A Backpack Journalist Interns.   Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry...

Scorpion inside my helmut

Quincy Winder, edited by ZIa Johnson, Interns, Backpack Reporters

October 31, 2011

Raytheon (Technical Services Division), Indianapolis, Indiana Eric K. Moore, Raytheon – RTC Systems Engineer One of the neatest experiences I have
at AUSA is flying an F-16 combat aircraft to test out the new Raytheo...

More than Just Airplanes – Boeing

Emarah, Cousar, Pedro Rampolla, Intern, Reporter, Editor

October 30, 2011

And, on display.... When one thinks of Boeing, the images of big commercial jetliners flying through the air and sitting around an airport come to mind. While it is true that Boeing, America’s leading aircraft manufacturer, design...

A-Z – found at AUSA -2011!

A Backpack Journalists, Reporters

October 30, 2011

The Challenge to the Backpackers at AUSA October - 2011 Take the letters of the alphabet and find and report!  Our Backpackers spent 3 days on the floor of AUSA, Washington Convention Center searching!  What follows are the...

Interview with MG Edward Tonini, TAG Kentucky

DeAnna Stinnett, Reporter, Intern, Kentucky Youth Program

October 29, 2011

A Backpack Journalist program is a program that teaches youth about the aspects of journalism like photography, writing, poetry and songwriting. Recently, this program had the opportunity to interview Adjutant General Edward Tonini...

You ain’t seen nothing yet…as heard at the Ten Miler

Kat Boynton, Reporter, Intern

October 29, 2011

COL (Ret) Austin Schmidt enters the Command of Forward Operation Base Camp Bucca and takes charge. “So I’m the Colonel,” he states more than asking. “Yes Sir,” one of the lower ranks agrees. “So I’m the...

What are you capable of? Read on – from the Army Ten Miler Expo

Kat Boynton

October 29, 2011

You don’t know what you are capable of until…. Fifty people crowded close around CPT Ivan Castro and his interviewer as Castro told the story that changed his life, his face, and his understanding of what he was capable...

Lots of hills and lots of hills at the Army Ten Miler

Zia Johnson, Photo by Alexus Packwood (Flickr), Reporter, Intern

October 29, 2011

When runner Sheila Van Kuren arrives at a hill a smile forms on her face. She likes hills. They are a welcomed challenged. Van Kuren describes the Army 10 miler course as having a lot of hills. This is her second time running...

Operation Support Our Troops – at the Army Ten Miler Expo

ZIa Johnson, Photo by Alexus Packwood (Flickr), Reporter, Intern

October 29, 2011

On Valentine’s Day 2003, love was not on the minds of many Americans. The great debate of our nation was about going to war in Iraq. In the midst of the debate, Deb Rickert wanted to send a simple message of support and love....

IF I can do it – so can you! From the ARMY Ten Miler

Zia Johnson, Photo by Alexus Packwood (Flickr), Reporter, Intern

October 29, 2011

IF I can do it – so can you! David Swaim is the self-proclaimed oldest man running the race. He is 65 years old and started running the Army 10 Miler in 1980 after he broke his back. He broke his back in a weight lifting...

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