MINI MIMES – Go to Starling Chevrolet to Buy a Truck!


Lots of fun was had by a group of MINI MIMES as they visited Starling Chevrolet, Hwy 17, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

This short film tells of our visit.  Missing of course is the sound, as after all they are MIMES!

Let me share:  when arrived we were assigned Colin as our salesman to go on camera with the MIMES.

Alas, Colin said to me:  “Ok, now what do I do?”  As we explained the “gag” and that he was needed to be with the MIMES.  We shared we are so inspired by the Comedy of Charlie Chaplin and his famous “THE TRAMP” character.

Then came the million dollar question:  “Doing what?”  Colin asked.

“SELL THEM A TRUCK!”  Ms. D. said, and then next came the broadest grin from Colin’s face!  Ms. D roared in laughter!  We believe that Colin deserves an Academy Award for his able assistance.

Of course – as do the MINI MIMES.  Pay attention to each of the MINI MIMES as they interacted with their new “mini truck”. Note the wiping down of the car, the little duster, and wiping cloth for Charlie and the Stethoscope seeking the engine or to find another MINI MIMES leg.  Most notable the mini black car tools – and alas inside was a baseball!

Note:  Colin was chosen as he is a number ONE salesman for Starling, had on the logo shirt.

Special thanks to the team at Starling Chevrolet and for the donation of the Silverado Black Truck for the MINI MIMES to enjoy!  Coming soon – we perform at the MT. Pleasant Town Center – Arts Festival and we will have a booth showcasing our MINI MIMES FILMS!

NOTABLE:  Starling Chevrolet, Mt. Pleasant, SC – donates MINI CARS/TRUCKS  to the Shawn Jenkins Hospital for children/MUSC,  Charleston, SC.   Why – and we ask – why not for children to ride in as they go to take a test, or relax in the play room…After all – cars and trucks bring lots of smiles to all – well or not feeling so good!  GO STARLING CHEVY!