The Charleston Museum – adventures ongoing!

For two days a group of A Backpack Journalists toured The Charleston Museum in a ┬ámost unusual way. ┬áMany times we visited the separate rooms filled with artifacts and informational boards that helped us understand our low country history – dating back to the American Revolution. We had our cameras, iPads and notepads handy.

We participated in a Scavenger Hunt designed by the Education Department and found on display above our heads the World’s Largest Bird – and it’s bones were found at the Charleston International Airport in 1983.

Soon we will be posting alot of short videos, each crafted by our team (Ages 5 – 8 – 10-13-14) about our days at the first museum in America, and a one on one with our Backpackers as they chose there most favorite exhibit.

The World’s Largest Bird – with it’s bones – found at the Charleston International Airport

Here is a sneak preview!